30A West Real Estate Report 2015 Year End

30A West Real Estate Report 2015 Year End

30A West Metrics

Well, it seems 30A West is tired of taking a backseat to 30A East and is making a run. Although average and median prices continue to lag far behind those of 30A East, the West had a much bigger year in appreciation.
The absorption rate is down to 7.32 months in December which is 31.65% lower than last December and for the year has dropped by 19.43% so we have less inventory to sell. We’ll need some sellers to step forward in 2016.
The average list price jumped 11.67% to $966,439 YOY and is up to $835,815 for the year which bested last year’s number by 16.60%. The average sale price was supportive of those increases with a YOY jump of 87.46% to $985,664 and for the year is up 24.21% to $692,288. Clearly, there were a few big sales in the month.
The median List price went up 6.59% this December vs. last and for the year is up 11.14% to $527,900. Median sale price tracked these numbers by going up in December by 9.06% to $410,000 and for the year is up 15.89% to $465,000.

Average days on the market are down in December by 14.89% to 160 days and for the year dropped 0.57%. Median days on the market dropped 9.09% but is up by 23.40% for the year on 30A West.

Other Metrics

There was a 17.1% drop in sales volume in December vs. last December but for the year-end closed sales are up by 21.2% compared to 2014 with a total of 417 transactions vs. 344 last year. Pending sales YOY are down 4.2% and for the year are up 22.5% with a total of 435 vs. 355 last year.
Active listings were down in December by 13.7% and for the year of 2015 up 3.3% so there are slightly more active listings for the year vs. 2014. New listings in December 2015 are down 3.6% and for the year up 6.5% so in summary it seems a few more sellers came forward but not by much so with closed sales volume going up, we’ll need more sellers listing properties to maintain a strong inventory or risk prices escalating even more.


  15-Dec 14-Dec % Chg 2015 YTD 2014 YTD % Chg
Absorption Rate 7.32 10.71 -31.65 8.79 10.91 -19.43
Average List Price $966,439 $865,459 11.67 $835,815 $716,834 16.6
Median List Price $574,500 $539,000 6.59 $527,900 $475,000 11.14
Average Sale Price $985,664 $525,804 87.46 $692,288 $557,347 24.21
Median Sale Price $410,000 $375,950 9.06 $465,000 $401,250 15.89
Average CDOM 160 188 -14.89 174 175 -0.57
Median CDOM 100 110 -9.09 116 94 23.4

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