Living room with various furniture with cream-color décor, a stone fireplace, a dark wooden mantelpiece, and large windows.

Destin Florida Condos & Residential Real Estate

Destin Florida condos and other residential combined statistics for the month of 8/24/2015-9/24/2015 are listed below. Units sold are 86 with volume being $36,784,007. The average sale price was $427,721 and the median sale price was $318,750. The median sale price is a better number in my opinion as it disposes of the extremely high and low sales. The average difference sale price and to list price was ($3,338.) so it seems buyers have been able to negotiate downward on price a bit. Average days on the market are 166 with cumulative days on the market being 204 days so just over 5 months and 6 months respectively. This isn’t extraordinary for a second home luxury buyer’s market but a little high for a primary. For example, Crestview, mainly a primary home community has a lower day on market value which makes sense. These homes are purchased for necessity rather than luxury purposes. 30A is more in line with Destin because of its second-home luxury nature.
As the Fall comes it will be interesting to see what happens as Fall is typically our second best-selling season. The weather should be great as always and interest rates are favorable.
Property Type/Area Units Volume Average
Sale Price
Sale Price
Avg. Diff.
SP to LP
Avg. DOM Avg.
Residential 798 $283,361,862 $355,090 $230,000 – $17,455 127 148
18 – 30A East 68 $72,754,471 $1,069,919 $751,875 – $64,374 235 235
17 – 30A West 28 $19,012,609 $679,022 $485,000 – $36,799 174 184
27 – Bay County 36 $13,165,249 $365,701 $239,000 – $44,355 158 221
25 – Crestview Area 100 $15,524,126 $155,241 $152,200 – $3,438 83 106
14 – Destin 86 $36,784,007 $427,721 $318,750 – $22,982 166 204

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